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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

The Sparrow

I have not used this blog to review a book before, yet I have recently read one that forces me to do so. When my brother, Stephan Uys, told me that he was writing a story, it did not surprise me. Since we were kids, visiting the library together, we have both been fond of reading and have often shared our dreams for publishing our own books 'some day'. I simply assumed that 'some day' had finally come for Stephan. When the book was finished, Stephan gave me the proof copy to read and do a final edit. I was blown away. Stephan had always maintained that the book HAD to be written, that it was a story that HAD to be told, and that the message HAD to get out there. He was right. Let me tell you why.
The Sparrow is set against the backdrop of the gospels. This means that every so often a character from these Biblical accounts crosses into the story. However, at its heart, The Sparrow is a fictional storybook. What makes the book an unmissable read, is the fact that is so jam-packed with information that opens up the time and culture of the setting. The reader can not help but walk away from the book with a deeper and clearer understanding of the world of the gospels. But there is so much more to it than simply factual information shared in a fun-to-read fictional novel.
What makes The Sparrow a true literary gem is the tender way in which it brings the message of the New Testament in line with that of the Old. Through subtle nuances, clever rhetoric and believable character growth, the author manages to explain the shift from an Old Testament religion of sacrifice to a New Testament relationship of love. A hint of this is captured in the title of the book, but I would be giving too much of the plot away if I said any more about this, and I do not want to be spoilsport.
In a modern era where I encounter Christians way too often who are grabbing hold of the Old Testament, reintroducing the Mosaic Law, and advocating a Judaic lifestyle, this book comes as a timely answer to many a prayer. It was not written to do so, yet it very effectively explains why we are no longer subject to the law. What makes it brilliant, is the fact that it does so in a very readable story.
If you are interested in purchasing the book in paperback format, you can contact Stephan Uys directly by email If you prefer an ebook copy, you can buy it on Amazon by simply clicking on the link for ebook. People not living in South Africa may wish to purchase the paperback version via Amazon as well. You can click on paperback to be directed to the link.
Let me leave you with the summary from the back of the book as well as a short bio of the author:
The Sparrow is a fictional novel set against the backdrop of the Gospels. The story revolves around the lives of two unlikely friends who need to carve out a living for themselves amidst political oppression, religious discord, and flagrant racism. Love and friendship are put to the test when murder sends one friend on a desperate flight to save his own life, only to end up in a situation even more dire than the one he was fleeing.
Readers who love intrigue and suspense will enjoy reading The Sparrow. Prepare to meet a number of Biblical characters in a way you have not done before.
About the author:
Stephan Uys was born in South Africa, where he lives with his family in Benoni, Gauteng. He is happily married to his beautiful wife Mariaan, and God has blessed their marriage with three wonderful children. Stephan is an ordained pastor with the Apostolic Faith Mission Church of South Africa, and holds an honours degree in Theology. He is a practical and systematic preacher with a knack for teaching people how incorporate theological theory into practical living. He has a way of making the Bible come alive to his audience. His first novel reveals that he has a similar skill when writing.

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