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Friday, 10 March 2017

Wake up! God needs you.

I want to tell you about an incident that happened to me a couple of years ago. I started at a new job and was befriended by a woman who was a true believer in God and had a personal testimony of being saved. For the purposes of the story, and to maintain her anonymity, I am going to call her Ella. This precious child of God seemed to have everything together. She was well kept and appeared to be in charge of her life. She did admit that she was going through a bad divorce at the time. In time I would learn that this was all just a facade. In truth her life was falling apart. She had become addicted to alcohol (and I have reason to suspect hard drugs).
She could not keep up her professional responsibilities and was absent from work more and more frequently. Slowly, her outward appearance also started showing signs of her bad choices.
I recall having numerous conversations with management over what to do and how to handle the situation. It was decided to follow a path of tolerance and support to encourage her to get help. Things would heat up before we could convince her to get professional help.
One morning I was woken from sleep before my alarm clock could wake me. It was God speaking to me. There was no audible voice, just the silent impression in my mind of Someone speaking to me. He told me these words, and they still stick in my mind: "Jy moet by Ella uitkom. Sy gaan selfmoord pleeg vandag." Translated: "You have to get to Ella. She is going to commit suicide today."
There had not been any signs of depression. It was a ridiculous notion. I giggled and thought how silly I was to wake up with such a strange thought. My thoughts were immediately arrested by the same quiet voice, convincing me that this was true. I did not argue again, but simply asked God to make this possible for me to do. There were a couple of obstacles. It was a work day and I had to show up for my job. I had no car. I had no licence to drive a car. I prayed over it, got dressed and went to work.
The boss stopped by my table to find out if I knew if Ella was going to be in for work. I hesitated before I answered. I said I doubted it, because I believed she would attempt suicide that day. I hoped with everything inside me she wouldn't press me for an explanation of why I believed it to be so. She didn't. Instead, she offered that the groundsman could take me to Ella's house. One of the other staff members. who happened to overhear the conversation, then asked if she could go with me instead, and the boss agreed. We both got the day off and transport was sorted!
On the way, this colleague voiced her concerns that Ella would not open the door to us. I said we would cross that bridge when we got to it. We stopped in front of the house and as we were getting out of the car, the garage door rolled up and out came Ella! She was completely taken aback by our being there and for a moment it seemed as if she would slam the door shut on us again.
I told her God had sent us and that this was an intervention. We entered her house and we saw signs of what I believe to be drug abuse (my experience with this is very limited). There were white tablets (no pharmaceutical markings or containers), white powder on her face, dried blood on her nose, general disheveled appearance. We put her in a car and took her to a doctor. We also called a helpline. In the end we had to leave and, as is so often the case in life, we did not hear the conclusion of the events. We had played our parts in her life story and the rest was up to others.
Many years later, when we met again, she admitted to me that she was about to get in her car, park it in a field and commit suicide, when we arrived. She is still alive today and we are in each others' lives via social media. She seems to be doing well.
Here is what I want you to take away from this. God knows you. He knows you by name. He doesn't care about your sin. He cares about you. He has already forgiven you. Will you forgive yourself so that your sin will no longer stand between yourself and God? Stop shoving it in the way. God will go to great lengths to save you, both physically as well as spiritually. Accept Him today. He stands at the door of your life and He is knocking and calling out your name. Will you open and invite Him in?
Inbox me if you need to pray with someone. Or just go to God directly. Perhaps you prefer to talk to someone else whom you trust? Whatever you do, TALK to someone.

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