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Saturday, 3 June 2017

The Pharisee's Fallacy

Allow me to recount the fallacy
of the self-important Pharisee
who thought he knew the scriptures better
than God Who authored every letter.
This leader of the synagogue
tried to get Jesus in the dock,
when the Son of man from God descended
with this accusation, the main thing that offended.
This learned man knew every prophecy,
yet could not find the man from Galilea
in the written words that clearly clarified
Who it was that he insistently denied.
He witnessed countless miracles unexplained,
yet still he arrogantly and loudly exclaimed
that he was the one who could unlock the secret
and that this righteous man came from the wicked.
Finally he condemned Him to a cross
thinking he’d proved who was the boss,
but little could this self-indulgent man see
that the wooden stake could symbolize victory.
Neither the cross, nor the tomb could fight
the One who fought for mankind’s plight
when He defiantly kicked death’s embrace
so man could live in God’s forgiving grace.
Still, he insisted on being God’s opposition
when he refused to acknowledge Jesus’ transition
when from death He triumphantly came back
to set things right and mend the crack
that stretched between man and his Creator
ever since he first made Satan his mentor.
I wish I could tell you that truth overcame,
but it did not, and he had himself to blame,
for there is no excuse for him who knows
not to repent when the Holy Ghost flows.
Yet, this is but one man’s sad tale
and it would be bad if I did not regale
how many others did come and believed
and, resultantly, are no longer deceived.
I should also say that those who came and repented
was accepted by God, even if they were dented,
Who carefully put them back as they had been,
healing and forgiving in a manner not before seen.
I should not leave off without a caution;
remember! your choices determine your portion.
You can choose to ignore God and die infernal,
or you can choose to believe God and live eternal.

An original poem by Miekie (Marietjie Uys)

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