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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Relationship restoration

With Adam and Eve as company
You made it really easy to see
that love and peace are found in You
and You wanted mankind to enjoy it too.

The conversations must have been bliss
as you walked and talked about that and this
and all the things that were still to be,
sharing imaginative thoughts creatively.

What did it take to tear this unity asunder?
Was it a catastrophe from deep down under
the crust of the earth so carefully arranged,
or did it fall from the sky, unseen and strange?

It was not a thing with a tangible touch.
Alas! it did not even require that much.
It was mere words that pulled them apart,
a frail suggestion, that broke God’s heart.

Would this chasm between God and man
forever stand in the way of God’s plan,
or could the divide be bridged again,
by One who did not carry sin’s stain?

No earthly man could succeed to restore
man to God, as things had been before,
until the Son decided to give His own life
and to end to the eternal enmity and strife.

When Jesus died, He captured captivity,
and when He arose, man had been set free,
his body and spirit had been restored,
with a price too steep for man to afford.

Then God again came down to the earth
to walk with mankind, as at its birth.
This time God chose to remain inside
the man in whom He took such pride.

Yet, man would choose to reject Him still,
striving to please his own whim and will,
yet, there are still a scattered remnant
whose faith is founded in strong cement.

God again walks and talks with man
just as in His original creation plan
Man gets to choose to say yes or no
and it determines if God will stay, or go.

An original poem by Miekie (Marietjie Uys).

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